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SMOFCon Poker

Three advance entries for the SMOFCon Poker Tournament so far. (Minimum ten entries for viability; twenty or more desired.) I was able to find tournament timer software that has the relatively small set of features I wanted, including not costing anything up front. There are several more complex programs out there that will do many more things than I need, but I probably won't know who all of the players in the tournament are until only a few minutes before we start, and therefore I don't want something that forces me to know the names of all the players before we can start, or for that matter know what all the chip denominations are. I just wanted a timer program that could keep track of the blinds progression. I've found one: Alien-Tools Poker Blinds Timer. It only goes to Level 10 (the 3000/6000 level), but that's okay -- if we get that far, we'll probably be heads-up anyway and it will be less trouble to keep track of things. I'll have to manually intervene for breaks (we'll want to take a short break every 2-3 rounds), but again, this shouldn't be a problem. I may ask for donations, and send whatever I collect as a shareware donation.

Edit, 18:30: Revised entry to point to software vendor once I got to an internet connection that didn't have a net-nanny telling me that Gambling is Bad.

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