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Dumbarton Rail Activism

For various reasons, I missed both the Newark and Menlo Park public scoping meetings for the Dumbarton Rail Project. Fortunately, tonight is the third and final meeting, in Fremont, which is where I live anyway. Given that most of the people quoted in the newspaper reports of the first two meetings were very negative, I hope to be able to offset them somewhat. I need to practice sound-bites for the benefit of any reporters present. My main points: "Hurry up and build it already" and "I live in a development adjacent to the tracks that will be affected. If you build it, I will ride it." Anything to counteract the NIMBY idiots claiming that the trains will come into their living rooms and kill their children. (Okay, I exaggerate, but not by much.)

Oh, and I need to be there to argue against pie-in-the-sky people who will say, "Oh, we need light rail, not nasty old-fashioned trains." We might even have some Maglev Morons, and almost certainly someone will say, "Why not build BART across the bridge?" (Answer: "I want something in the forseeable future, not BART sometime around 2065; besides, why spend ten times as much money for gold-plating?") The entire point of rebuilding the Dumbarton Railroad Bridge is so that conventional standard-gauge commuter trains (probably operated by and under the branding of Caltrain) can run directly from Union City/Fremont across the bay, with some trains turning north at Redwood City toward San Francisco (I'd ride one of those tomorrow, if it existed), and some south through Palo Alto toward San Jose.

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