Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Attack of the $2 Fiend

A common problem I find when traveling is insufficient small change. I have $20 bills and no way to change them down for a number of small purchases, tips, etc. Moreover, as I am apt to be the "bank" for any poker games, I need to be able to change larger bills to smaller ones. So today I went to the bank and bought a bunch of smaller bills. I found that they actually had some $2 bills, so I bought $100 worth of them. These are good for tips, and I also hope to do some of the payouts from the poker tournament.

Some people get grumpy about $2 bills. Me, I wish the Treasury would stop printing $1 bills. That would make $2 bills come into circulation, and $1 coins would also start circulating, because there would be no alternative. Canada figured that out years ago, although they also stopped printing $2 bills and issued $2 coins instead.
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