Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

MCI Airport: Hooray for Wi-Fi

Kansas City Airport has free wi-fi, like Portland. Hooray for them! It makes up for the fact that there is practically nothing airside. (Think San Jose Terminal C -- the gate areas in MCI are like Alaska Airlines at SJC.

Our flight to Denver is showing on time, and the weather in Denver is above freezing and partly sunny. Fingers crossed that this augers for an uneventful connection on to San Jose.

The last dregs of SMOFCon continue here in the departure lounges, as those of us making our various ways home pass and talk in the lounge.

cherylmorgan and I were able to get breakfast this morning in the food court of the office building across the street from the hotel. Alas, it wasn't open over the weekend. The downtown business district had few places within easy walking distance over the weekend, and Sunday was even worse than Saturday. I'm not really fond of sites that require a taxi ride to anything worthwhile, not because I'm cheap -- Cheryl will attest to how I've been scattering $2 bills about as tips while I've been here -- but because I begrudge the extra travel time away from the convention. (You could call it "Fear of Missing Something.")

I think it unlikely that we'll be at BASFA tonight, although we're scheduled to get back to SFO early enough that we could attend. Sleep, we need sleep!
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