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Continuing Erratic Service

The internet connections were up when we came back to the room, but failed again after a while. This time, we didn't bother complaining to the front desk and we did other things. It was still down after gigica, Cheryl, and I came back from dinner. We bade good night to Gigi after our nice Indian dinner -- I'm always in for a curry -- and turned on the Sharks game on the nice flat-screen TV in the room. (Go, Sharks!) Cheryl fell asleep, rousing only when I cheered the Sharks' third goal. I thought I'd check the internet connection again. It's weak, but it's running -- for now.

I've filled out a comment card to tell the management that the lower rates and internet connectivity were a draw, but that it is worth our while in the future to pay more for solid internet connections and an included breakfast, and that they can expect to see us take our business to the Holiday Inn Express.

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