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Sunday Morning

[This message was composed about 10:50 AM, but I was unable to upload it then because of the wonky internet connection at the hotel. Events outstripped what I wrote then, but I figured I'd go ahead and post it as it was.]

It would have been possible to accomplish most of the tasks we set ourselves this weekend in one day. That is, we could have got up before dawn in Fremont, driven to Oroville, dropped off the chest of drawers at my father's house, gone on to the storage locker in Yuba City and unloaded boxes, looked in on my grandfather in Sutter and delivered presents, and even had an early dinner with gigica before driving back to Fremont. I used to do days like that in reverse, when I lived in Chico and worked on BayCon, getting up early, driving to San Jose, spending a full day in meetings, having dinner with people, and driving back to Chico -- and going to work the next morning. But I don't like putting so much work into a single day anymore unless I absolutely must do so. We therefore spread the work out over the entire weekend. The nice part about this is that there was not a lot of urgency either day this weekend. We could wake up at a relatively late hour, deal with things in a leisurely fashion, and otherwise not get frazzled. Today is the same way. Once we're both showered and dressed, we can get breakfast and head out to my storage locker, after which we'll go to Sutter and spend part of the afternoon with my family there before the part of the trip I dislike the most -- driving back into the Bay Area. There's only two routes in (via Altamont Pass or via Cordelia Junction and the Benecia Bridge), both of which are probably going to be crowded.

Unfortunately for doing work in my locker, it looks like it will rain most of today. I seem to remember having left a fair amount of space in the front of the locker on my last trip, which would be good because it means I won't have to go through the complicated re-packing process that sometimes accompanies locker trips. But I can't remember the exact configuration. Fingers crossed that we don't get too wet shifting boxes out of my van into storage.

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