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Well, At Least It Wasn't the Usual Spam

I'm one of the people who gets a copy of mail sent to the Mark Protection Committee's general-contact e-mail address. Most of what goes to that address is random spam, which we ignore. About once a month, we get a real message, either calling our attention to a possible mark infringement or asking a real question.

Today, we were asked "Is there any financial remuneration given with the Hugo award?" Of course, the answer is "No," and Ben Yalow, who is tasked with answering the MPC general mail, told this person so.

I guess it's not a stupid question; it's just not one that had ever occurred to me. I'd ask Sharon to update the WSFS web site to explicitly say this, but OTOH the web site already says, "You cannot submit works for the Hugo Award," and we still get regular queries from people trying to submit their works for consideration "by the Hugo Committee."
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