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I Should Have Listened to Al (and I Did)

I had a wonderful evening at the Freight & Salvage Coffee House in Berkeley Friday evening listening to Al Stewart. He, accompanied by Dave Nachmanoff, ended up doing all of the songs I hoped he would, including "Night Train to Munich" and "Running Man." I am, however, way too tired to write about it in depth, because after the show was over, Cheryl and I had to walk back to North Berkeley BART (about a mile away), where we caught the next-to-last train of the night for the hour-long ride home to Fremont. Neither of us had eaten dinner -- there hadn't been time before the show -- so we went to Denny's (nothing else being open at 12:30 AM) and ate more food that we probably should. Now to fall into bed. I'm sure glad I don't have to be up early Saturday.

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