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Although I Consider "Foamer" Roughly Equivalent to "Trekkie"

On a more positive note, at least one railroad realizes that all of us who like watching trains are an asset to be cultivated, not a threat to be discouraged.

BNSF Railroad Relies on Railfans Eyes for Security

Railroads are very susceptible to nefarious acts. But then again, lots of our infrastructure is highly vulnerable. Having a bunch of unpaid enthusiasts who enjoy watching the trains in all sorts of weather and all manner of improbable locations is something that the railroads haven't always appreciated.

However, I am mildly perturbed by the line about "Fans ... may not photograph trains hauling military equipment." Again, I know of no law prohibiting this. If there is such a law, I want to see the citation. I can sort of see the justification, I guess, but I want to see the citation of the law.
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