Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back Online

Lisa had us come over to her father's house this afternoon, where my task was to distract him so he wouldn't look out his office window and see her installing a nice new bird feeder she had got him as a Christmas present. She came back inside and told him to have a look out the window, saying, "I'm sure the birds will appreciate not having their birdseed all soggy like the old one."

I gave him a new mechanical weather station (wind and rain gauge) to replace the partially-broken one he has on a post in his back yard.

Anyway, this was an opportunity to make sure the network connections at his house still work -- not something I want to take for granted after my last trip -- and catch up on e-mail and the like.

In case anyone is curious, I've posted backdated entries for the past two days (they won't show up in friends lists, if I understand how "date out of order" works) describing huge queues for AirBART buses on my way to Oakland Airport and how I spent my first day of Christmas vacation.

I don't expect to be on-line tomorrow, and on Tuesday we have to go to Portland and retrieve the Vanagon from the clutches of the mechanics. Normal service should resume on Wednesday, when I expect to get cracking on the user manual for the database I was writing last week.

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