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A Kuma Bear Christmas

Posted a bit more than a day late because I did not go over to where the internet connection was on the day after Christmas, photos taken of Christmas night in Mehama are behind the cut, despite the apparent intent of the new LiveJournal interface to stymie links in the way I was used to doing them.

The trailer is small and cannot hold a large Christmas tree, so Lisa gets a small one and puts it on this stand with a model train circling it. The track is powered and the train does run, although the curves are very tight.

Here's a close-up of Kuma Bear looking intently at the Santa Fe train circling the tree. He's wearing the socks that Lisa got him for Christmas. Yes, that's an L.A.con IV t-shirt, too, although the con did not make them in that size, so Lisa had to improvise with a tiny shirt and iron-on transfer paper.

Lisa looked at the earlier photos and said that it wasn't obvious what the decorations other than the lights were in the tree, so she took this close-up to show that this all-purpose multi-cultural cat girl Nuka Nuka Christmas tree is also decorated with origami cranes that Lisa folded.

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