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My company, like many others, has produced over the years numerous pieces of merchandise, including shirts, caps, and other gewgaws including stuff like golf tees. A few bits of this stuff fall to me from time to time, and one of the most useful such items was a toiletry bag that held most of my personal items and unzipped to hang on a hook in the bathroom. I've had that kit for many years, and it's traveled as far as Australia and Glasgow with me. So imagine my annoyance when I went looking for it tonight and couldn't find it. I remember packing things into it in the hotel room in Naperville before I left on Wednesday, but I don't remember actually zipping it up and putting it into my (very full) luggage. Darn it, I must have left it hanging in the bathroom in my hotel room!

This is annoying, because I'm leaving for Oregon late Friday morning for the weekend, and I wanted that kit. I expect the hotel collected it when they turned the room. I'll call them in the morning to see if they have it. Assuming they do, I'll ask them to send it back to me, or even better, see if they'll give it to my co-worker who is arriving on Sunday night, and he can ship it back to me.

I do hope I get the kit back. There's nothing irreplaceable in it, but I'm used to using it, and having to restart these things is a hassle.

Fortunately for me, as I'm going to Oregon to be with Lisa for the weekend, most of the stuff in the kit is actually duplicated up there at the house in Mehama, so I'm not terribly inconvenienced. And I suppose it's a good thing that I had to turn around and travel again right after coming back from Chicago, as I might have gone several weeks -- probably until OryCon -- before realizing I didn't have my travel kit.

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