Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Leaving Oregon

New Year's Eve wasn't especially fun or pleasant for us. A minor misunderstanding blew up into a fairly loud argument, and we pretty much ended up scrapping all of our previous plans. So it was pretty quiet here until midnight, when kids attending a New Year's party at the church across the street started setting off small fireworks and sparklers. Otherwise, we stayed home quietly and played games.

In a few minutes I'll be shutting down and packing things up here in Mehama, after which Lisa and I will head off to try and return hardware and software. We decided that while Sid Meier's Railroads seems to run, the fact that it keeps warning us that the video drivers are not up to date, combined with the refusal of the so-called up-to-date drivers to install on my computers, makes it too dangerous to attempt to use it. I don't see it being worth my time to rebuild my computer just to run one game, even if it is railroad-related. So it's back to Circuit City to do that refund, then Camping World for the trailer door mechanism, then Fry's for the VHS-DVD software.

Most people return or exchange gifts given to them by other people. I'm spending today returning things I bought for myself.

My flight for Oakland doesn't leave PDX until after 9 O'clock tonight, so we have plenty of time to get things done, I think. We've both been invited to various New Year's Day parties in the Salem-Portland area, but I don't think we'll get to any of them, what with the errands that need running.

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