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Made it home on the delayed Capitol train -- my flight was a little late and if the train (#747) had been on time, I would have missed it -- thanks to some poor person's terminal (literally) bad luck. The message boards described the delay as due to a "passenger train trespasser incident." I know how to translate: that means "someone got hit by a train." I turned on my radio and listened in as the crew of the train in question (#744) told the Union Pacific dispatcher that the coroner had released them from the scene. #744 continued up to Jack London Square, which made room for my train to squeeze through the scene at restricted speed and pick me up.

It was otherwise a pretty uneventful weekend in Oregon for Lisa's birthday. I gave her a big fluffy bath sheet as a present. We ran some errands in Salem. We did some work on her Big Orange Van. (The Vanagon of Doom is out of service for the prosaic reason that Lisa broke the windshield wiper lever -- you can't operate in that climate if your windshield wipers don't work.)

We didn't win the PowerBall lottery. We did make a point of buying our tickets at the local hardware store as a favor to the store owner -- they get 1% of the jackpot if they sell the winning ticket, plus all of the extra business of people rushing to buy their future tickets at the 'lucky' outlet.

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