Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Return of Good Weather

I know the weather is getting better when I can open the windows in the apartment again, at least during the day.

Although I guess it must have rained overnight and there were a lot of menacing-looking clouds about, there was enough sun and it was warm enough that I went for a 6 km walk around Quarry Lakes. I was amused to see at least a dozen rabbits scampering around the lake bottom, although they all took cover when I approached. I'm not happy to see the water level in the lakes so low, though. These lakes are a significant portion of the local aquifer, and if they're low now, that's bad news for next summer. I hope we see more rain in non-torrential amounts pretty soon.

And the walk was good for my blood sugar, too: a 101 reading is never to be complained about.

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