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The Mask of Kevin

When I fell into bed this afternoon -- I slept for six hours -- I had the presence of mind to put my CPAP machine back together, as poor sleep is almost as bad as no sleep. This is when I discovered that the forehead pad on the mask was gone. It wasn't in the accessory bag or my suitcase, so I reckon it must have fallen off this morning when I was packing. I e-mailed the hotel just in case it didn't get thrown away, but meanwhile I started hunting for a replacement.

You learn not to always take the first result Google gives you. The first result produced a price of $60 for the little gel part. Heck, I could replace the entire mask assembly for only about $100! The next result showed the part for $6 plus $4.50 shipping. I went ahead and ordered it.

I can still use the mask, but it's less comfortable and leaves a mark on my forehead.

Six hours sleep helps catch up on the deficit, but now I need to go pay the interest. Zzzzzz.
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