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Not being hugely interested in the specific results of the Super Bowl, I did get some bits of work done, both for my day job and also for Westercon 60, where I laid out Frank Wu's cover for PR2 and sent my management a copy of the work to date, pointing out that I need to know a bunch more things (some of which they should know or be able to obtain without too much trouble) and would they please send them to me.

IMO, none of the commercials in the second half topped the "Ultraman" commercial from Garmin. Although the "heart disease" ad was sort of fun. I'm not sure I would every have said this before, but I'd like to see more of Diabetes. :)

Another post-game thought: Super Bowl merchandise is so expensive because every item of "winning team" merchandise has to cover the production cost of the item that was produced with the other team's logo. I wonder how many of these "phantom" items make their way out of the storage containers parked in the parking lot in Miami in which I assume they are stored under lock and key.

And once again, I think of all of these people operating electrical equipment in the rain as they do the post-game presentations and interviews.
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