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Getting It Backwards

I was working on my income taxes last night. I still don't see why I should be obliged to pay an extra fee to electronically file my income tax return. (I've done this in the past, but there was a rebate scheme whereby I got the filing fee back later.) Just getting my refund -- which isn't large because I manage my tax situation so I don't over-withhold -- a few weeks sooner doesn't seem like a sufficient justification for spending roughly 10% of the refund amount in e-filing fees. Yes, I guess I must qualify as "wealthy" because I make too much for the free e-file scheme. But the median salary for San Mateo County is more than the cut-off for that scheme, as I recall.

Anyway, why should the government (by way of the contractors who get the money) charge extra for e-filing anyway? Surely e-filing saves money in processing costs. I used to do date-entry of Medicare claim forms when I was in college, and so I'm familiar with buildings full of people keying information off paper forms and into a computer and how inefficient it is.
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