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Weekend in Mehama

Today was pretty uneventful, and that's just the way I like it on these trips. After getting up and around (not too early), we first walked over to the hardware store (which houses the local post office) to collect our mail. I also posted a Valentine's day card to Lisa, although she didn't know it. Assuming the office notices it and doesn't send it on to Salem where the sectional center is, that's going to be among the easiest 39 cents the USPS ever earned.

Then we drove into Salem, where Lisa was looking for a particular type of video connector. Her usual source had them, but only the Chinese-made ones, so she decided against buying them, and will try to find another source -- and hope that this hasn't become yet another place where "made in China" is the only source.

Heading home (with a stop to buy groceries), we stayed in and played two games of Australian Rails -- one before lunch and one after dinner. After a late lunch, we walked to and from the Lyons Grocery, which is good for about 6 km. For dinner, Lisa made shrimp pan roast. Later, she got out her computer and we confirmed that it is possible to directly connect my and her machines together and play Locomotion on them even without a LAN. But that led to us playing the game until very late, when I suddenly realized I could barely keep my eyes open.

All and all, it was nice and quiet. That's just fine with me.

[This entry composed the following evening after I got back to California and an internet connection.]

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