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Cheering for the Company Team

Menlo's parent company, Con-way, sponsors Jack Sprague's car in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series racing. Normally I don't watch oval racing, but I tuned in to the Chevy Silverado HD 250 race, which starts the season, after a reminder e-mail from my company that our driver had qualified for the pole.

It came down to an incredibly close finish, as Sprague slingshot his way around the leader at the final curve to win the race by only 0.03 seconds.

I doubt I'll follow this series -- Formula One is more to my taste, but truck racing is more to my company's style -- but it was sort of nice to see my parent company's name out there prominently displayed on the car, and Sprague was careful to thank Con-way along with the other major sponsors in the post-race interviews.

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