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More Fred Flinstone-like Than Usual

I'm pretty happy with my rechargeable, use-in-the-shower electric razor I bought about a year or so ago, other than getting shave gel cartridges for it is a hassle. (I finally gave up and bought a six-month supply by mail order.)

But one thing I wish it had was something to tell me how much charge was remaining. The instructions say it's best to let it get to nearly zero charge before recharging because it improves battery life. (I suppose that's due to "battery memory" to which some rechargeable batteries are prone.) But there's no way of knowing how low the battery is until it actually starts to run down, by which time it's too late. Now, I know the "life" of a charge is 7-10 days, but I forgot to put it on the charger yesterday, so this morning when I started to use it, it all-but-died halfway through. I shaved enough to decide not to break out the reserve blade razor -- on account of I inevitably cut myself while shaving.

Fortunately, all meetings I have today are by telephone.

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