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Thanks to having had too much Diet Coke at dinner -- it being the only sugar free soft drink on the menu at the El Metate taqueria -- I'm now much too awake. So I'm packing. Friday afternoon (as early as possible), I'm leaving for Yuba City, where I will spend Friday night, going out to visit my grandfather and mother on Saturday. I have the spare television set to give them. (Some of you may remember me talking about this TV. I forgot to take it with me on my last trip, but I've already moved it out to the van so I wouldn't leave it behind and remember somewhere around Vacaville again.)

I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express this time. The experiment in less-expensive hotels led on the previous trip led me to conclude that while I'd prefer to pay a bit less, the total package of the HIX -- reliable high speed internet service and breakfast included -- is overall a better value than paying somewhat less and getting no useful internet service and having to buy breakfast separately.
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