Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

It Would Have Been Worse Without the Walk

Although I like this Holiday Inn Express, it's usually been one fault of the place that you have to drive to get to any services. But two things have happened: 1. More things have been built nearby and 2. I'm willing to walk longer distances; indeed, I want to walk longer distances. Although there is a Sizzler a block away, I went ahead and explored the new street that has been built out around the Sunsweet packing plant toward the Sam's Club. A mere 2 km later -- that's a round-trip to the Centerville train station from my apartment, no sweat -- I was at the Hometown Buffet, where once again I ate too much. I briskly walked back to the hotel hoping to burn down some of the blood sugar. An hour later it read 145, which is not so great -- my target is under 140 -- but not dangerously high, either.

At one point I started to cut across a field on which nothing has been built yet. Bad move. Fortunately, the mud wasn't that deep, and I was able to extricate myself and stumble back to the road and scrape most of it off, and I was able to clean my shoes when I got back to the hotel. Now for a bit of hot-tubbery and maybe a few minutes in the sauna.

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