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I spent a very nice day visiting with my mother and grandfather in Sutter. We also worked on preparing my grandfather's will. Having read such horror stories from other folks about disputed estates and such, everyone involved wants to avoid that sort of thing. Fortunately, my grandfather has only one child, and my mother had only two children, and my sister has only one child, and everyone understands and agrees with my grandfather's wishes. Also, the estate will not be huge anyway. I have legal software, so we went over what my grandfather wants, read it back to him, and got his approval. I'll print it out and send it to him with his tax return (which I also prepare for him), and my mother will work with him to get everything signed, witnessed, and notarized as necessary.

I left Sutter around 4:30 PM, but took my time getting home, including a long stop at Cordelia Junction. I got home about 10:30 without serious incident, other than re-discovering that I have a leaky rear door seal that I still have not repaired (and won't have time to repair before heading for Oregon next Friday; it needs special tools and gunk). Fortunately, the things that got wet took no harm.

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