Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Know I'm Not the First One To Do This

While driving through southern Oregon on Saturday morning, I did something you're really not supposed to do -- stop on the freeway in a non-emergency situation. But this was one of the few times I've been on this stretch of freeway in the daytime in good weather and with a camera. Leaving Grants Pass, I knew that Exit 66 was near, and decided to take a shot, literally. I stopped at the rest area two miles before and got my camera around my neck and turned on. Then I drove up to the spot, pulled as far off the freeway as I could, turned on my emergency flashers, took one shot through the windshield, got out of the van and took two more shots, then hopped back in and got moving again. The whole time, I hoped that one of the passing vehicles was not an Oregon state trooper.

If it weren't for it being so far away from Portland or Salem and that it isn't an authorized US Postal Service "city" for address purposes, I'd get a mailbox here and volunteer it as a permanent address for Worldcon award postal balloting.

And now I have a second icon to use when commenting on the Hugo Awards.
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