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...While the Sun Shines

We have no hay to make, but -- assuming work doesn't cave in on me in the next hour or so -- we will be taking advantage of what the weather reports say will be the last dry day this week around here to do some home repairs. Lisa much prefers to do things like repairing the shelter under which our trailer sits when she has someone to help her, and I don't blame her a bit.

We had to reschedule an appointment in Portland from Friday to tomorrow afternoon to suit their schedule. Fortunately, they'll wait until 5 PM, so we can leave Mehama at 3 PM to be there. Instead of me taking the entire day off on Friday as planned, I'll work on Friday morning and we'll do the other errand -- which is that RV salvage yard in Eugene -- on Friday. I can't say I'm too disappointed in this, because I was not really looking forward to driving Mehama-Portland-Eugene-Mehama on Friday. Doing Mehama-Portland-Mehama tomorrow and the Eugene turn on Friday means more mileage, but less wear and tear on me.

And maybe we'll have time to stop by the VW dealership in Salem and order the windshield wiper switch for Lisa's Vanagon so she can drive it in the rain again.

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