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Going the Wrong Direction

Yesterday afternoon after dealing with work -- since I've been working mostly with the East coast offices, I've been mostly working 7 AM - 3:30 PM or so -- Lisa and I had errands to run. First we stopped at a VW salvage yard near Salem where she was able to find a replacement for the broken windshield-wiper switch for the Vanagon. Then we drove to Beaverton -- through awful commute-hour traffic, yuck -- to collect an IBM T30 laptop she'd put in for repair (not economically repairable, they say, but we can keep it as a parts source for those pieces that do work) and another refurbished T30 that she'd ordered pre-emptively on the assumption that the dead machine couldn't be fixed. Heading back, we stopped at Fry's to buy a pair of 512 MB memory chips for the T30 so we could upgrade it to the maximum 1 GB (it came installed with 2 x 256, it said on the box).

When we got home, we found that -- after experimentation -- the refurbished box wasn't actually recognizing one of the two memory slots. So instead of me heading south this morning, we have to first go back to Beaverton and talk to the computer shop about getting Lisa a box with two working memory slots. Then we go back to Fry's and return the two memory chips, because it looks like we should be able to use the chips from the junked T30 instead.

Alas, all of these errands are precisely the opposite direction of where I should be driving today, so I had to be up early again rather than sleeping in.

We'll find out tonight whether the internet access at the Holiday Inn Express Weed works or not.

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