Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Welcome to Paradise

Well, Williams, actually -- Paradise is over by Chico on the other side of the value. I've stopped here again to get a coffee and take advantage of the free internet connection, which works just fine on the backup computer. Although iced coffee might be more appropriate, for it is a glorious fine sunny day here in Northern California. It's the first A/C day of the year -- it was warm enough driving down out of the Cascades that I had to turn on the air conditioning on the van. And this is only March. Days like this are nice, but they remind me of how blisteringly hot it can get up here in the Sacramento Valley.

I am taking my sweet time driving home today, stopping about once an hour or so. I stopped near Corning at the Indian casino to use the restroom, and couldn't resist the temptation to play a bit of blackjack. I put down $80 with a goal of doubling my money. I was $5 short of the goal when I hit a run of terrible luck, culminating in a hand where I thought I had turned it around but did not: I had 16 versus a house King. I hit the 16 and got a 3. The dealer's down card was another 3, but he made a hand of 20, and I decided that the cards had turned against me and left, only $5 net poorer.

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