Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Made It Home

Having no deadlines to meet or schedule to keep today, I continued to dawdle on the way home, stopping for dinner in Vacaville. I did remember a bit late that it was not really that smart to slot myself into I-80 through Vacaville-Fairfield on a Sunday afternoon, as I got to put through heavy Fairfield going-home-from-the-mountains traffic.

In my Williams update earlier today, I forgot to mention the spot of trouble I had at Redding, where I'd stopped at the TA truck stop to use the restroom and get a drink. Walking back to the van, I realized that I'd locked the keys inside. No problem, I thought, as I have an emergency wallet key that I had made by AAA. Unfortunately, the key did not want to turn in the lock. I tried the passenger door. There it would turn in the "lock" direction, but not "unlock." Similarly it would not open the sliding door, and of course the back door is broken anyway.

Possibly the plastic was warm from being in my wallet. I thought about going back inside and getting some ice to try and cool it down enough to get it stiff enough to turn. I certainly didn't want to force it too hard, as it might break off inside the lock, which would have been very annoying. I could of course call AAA to do a lockout service, but I didn't really want to do that. After much fiddling around, I finally got the key to barely turn -- but it was enough to get the door open. Whew!

Including stops to get gas and milk in Fremont, I got home at 8:15 PM, having left Weed at 10:45 AM. Net result: 313 miles in 9:30, an average of only 33 miles per hour. But that's what happens when you stop six times between Weed and Fremont.

The total door-to-door trip distance works out to 644 miles over two days. I'm such a wimp compared to my friends who seem to think nothing of thousand-mile days.

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