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The last few days have been pretty intense at work, with me getting home late every night. Tonight, I fortunately remembered as I was heading home that I'm taking my van to the body shop tomorrow morning and it will probably be in there over the weekend, so if I wanted any groceries in the house, I would need to get them laid in tonight.

I did remember to print the SFSFC meeting papers for Saturday's meeting of the Board of Directors. That meeting is at the Centerville train station meeting room, so I don't need my van -- I can walk to the meeting, carrying the meeting materials, speakerphone, etc. on my rolling cart.

While I was on my way up to Oregon, someone pointed out to me that the link we'd been using on the SFSFC web site to provide a map to the meeting site was 404'ing. Caltrans apparently took down the station directions page. I meant to get to it during the week in Oregon, but the loss of my primary computer put a stop to that, and I have to wait for Cheryl to get back to California to get the installer for the web editing software so I can re-install it on my machine. Fortunately, Cheryl volunteered to make the fixes for me today from the UK, which I appreciated.

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