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Long Day

I was up at 6 so I could take the van to the body shop when they opened at 7. I then walked home (the exercise being good for me) and got to work. Although I did take an hour for lunch -- the last half of which was another walk, over to Quarry Lake Park after eating -- I've been mostly head-down all day today on this project. I finally got the fairly complicated analysis spreadsheet done and have sent it off for review, so I can call it a day. Ho, hum, another 11-hour work day.

Still, I got to work from home, and I'll have to do so again on Monday because there was no work from the body shop, which did warn me that they might not be able to get everything done in one day, particularly as I'd added an item to the work order: besides the rear door weatherstripping (which I bought myself and is sitting in back of the van), the driver's door weather stripping has broken loose at the bottom and needs replacing. That's probably another special-order part.

I told them that if it's just a case of the van having to sit while they wait for parts to arrive, if it's drivable (that is, if they haven't left the rear door in a half-fixed state), let me know and I'll come get it and use it until they're ready to finish the work.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in slightly, but only a couple of hours, because of the SFSFC meeting tomorrow morning. As Secretary and keeper of the speaker phone, I need to be there by 10 AM for the 11 AM meeting in order to get everything set up. Which reminds me that I should probably break out the rolling cart and get everything packed into it for tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to think that the problem I was having with my main computer's wireless connection is specific to that box, because the backup machine is having no problems. I don't think it's software because I've swapped hard drives around and the results are the same: the main machine keeps acquiring and losing the signal, and the other doesn't seem to have any problem with it under identical circumstances.

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