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Saint Whosit's Day?

You'd think with a name like "Kevin" I'd be all excited about March 17, but although I have an Irish first name, I don't have Irish ancestry of which I'm aware. German, English, Cherokee, yes, but if there is any Irish in me, I don't know about it.

Anyway, I'm all packed up now for this morning's SFSFC meeting, except for the computer. We have wireless access in the meeting room thanks to the adjacent Depot Cafe, but only in about half the room thanks to the way the signal from the cafe's WAP travels, and given how erratic my computer's wireless card has been behaving, I might not even have that.

Update, 20 March 07:45: My mother, who reads this journal from time to time, has e-mailed me to tell me that I do in fact have some Irish ancestry, in the form of a great-great-great grandfather on my mother's father's side of the family.

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