Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Enough Repairs, Already

Went to dinogrl's birthday dinner at Bombay Garden restaurant in Newark. I'm always up for Indian, and Cheryl and I have eaten here before, so I was happy to join the party.

Fortunately for me, she and dave_gallaher were willing to come pick me up on their way to the restaurant, because my minivan was in the body shop over the weekend to fix the latch and weatherstrip issues. Late this afternoon, they called to tell me that my van was finished and I could come collect it, so I hot-footed it the 2 km down Thornton Avenue from my apartment and paid the $330 (about half of it labor, and it didn't include the rear weatherstrip, which I'd purchased previously). I also had them steam-clean the engine, which looks much nicer with all of the oil and crud that had been (but is no longer) leaking blasted away.

Fingers crossed that this is the last of the vehicle repairs for a while. After all, it has used up a significant portion of my semi-annual Incentive Compensation Payment paying for all this! What's taking that income tax refund so long to arrive?
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