Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Complicated American Ancestry

My mother wrote to me today (Hi, Mom!), having read my entry of a few days ago in which I professed not having any Irish ancestry of which I was aware. She informed me that I do in fact have some Irish ancestry on my mother's father's side of the family, in the form of an Irish great-great-great grandfather. She told me (references to specific people removed), "Your heritage, from my side of the family, is English..., Irish & Cherokee..., German & possibly Cherokee..., and Scotch Irish.... Your father told me that he was also part Cherokee. More than that I do not know."

Some of the reason for my confusion is that my ancestors migrated to America mostly before the American Civil War or even the American Revolution -- and of course a lot longer before than in the case of my Native American ancestors. So the records are sometimes a bit muddled, you might say.

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