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Name Check in the Merc

I periodically write to Gary "Mr. Roadshow" Richards, the traffic-and-transit columnist for the San Jose Mercury News. He published my latest missive in today's Roadshow column.

(Thanks to BugMeNot, you can sign in as "" password "burrito1" if having to register for such things annoys you, too.)

There's nothing there that will surprise anyone who has been reading my writing here, but it made me feel better for it to appear in the Merc as well. I wonder if it will prompt angry people to write in to complain that slowing down to save gas is un-American and that I should get the hell out of their way as they head down the road in their suburban assault vehicle and that the guv'mint should order the price of gasoline lowered or something like that.

Not that my minivan is exactly an economy car. And Lisa's full-size 4WD orange van is downright intimidating, to the point that people think she must be up to no good. Like someone planning to do something nefarious would drive a vehicle that shouts "Hey, look at me! I'm bright orange and covered with antennas! And I've got this weird symbol [the Robotech Defense Force logo; link is to a picture of a mousepad with the logo on it] on my spare-tire cover!" And it only gets 9 MPG, which is why if she comes down here this weekend as she plans to do, she's driving the VW Vanagon.
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