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Diverse... But Tired

We had a pretty good, but long day in my company's diversity training today, but it was a long and fairly intense day. After the training, I volunteered to help clean up the training room, move chairs and tables back where they belong, take down signs, etc. People commented on how willing I seemed to be to help with this. I said with a laugh, "I organize conventions as a hobby. I do this sort of stuff for fun."

But as I expected, I then did need to spend a while working on stuff that I would otherwise have been doing during the regular work day. At lunch, for instance, someone who had sent me three e-mails asking for something he really wanted right away, and who had tried to call except I'd turned my mobile phone off, sent yet another e-mail saying, "Are you alive, sir?"

I replied with a dashed-off message that, "Yes, I'm here, but you're going to have to wait until tomorrow for your answer." (I actually did send him his answers before I left the office, so he'd have them when he came to work tomorrow morning Eastern time.)

There are times when my natural tendency to try and answer questions very quickly works against me, because people get used to it and get very antsy when they don't get that instant response from me.

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