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A Different Fandom

Cheryl (just back in the USA on Wednesday) and I joined dinogrl and dave_gallaher at Emperor Norton Field to see the San Francisco Giants play the Seattle Mariners in a pre-season baseball game. Through Dave, we had purchased seats in section 135, which is located just off the left field foul pole, in row 18. The place looked about maybe one-third full, which brings back memories of Candlestick Park, but it was of course only a pre-season game.

I worked from home yesterday, so Cheryl and I took BART up to The City and walked down the Emarcadero to the park. It was a lovely day to be walking along the seaside promenade. Getting to the park, we saw that the operations folks on the concession stands need their own sort of spring training, as they need to get back in the habit of running a ballpark. But Cheryl said the 40-clove garlic chicken sandwich was good, and I liked my ravioli once they found forks with which I could eat it. The garlic fries (now cooked with trans-fat-free oil) taste just as good, and the new multi-million dollar DiamondVision (yes, apparently made by the DiamondVision folks; I'm not misusing the trademark) has astonishingly good picture quality.

Oh, and the result of the game? Well, the Giants won 4-0, but the Mariners were playing "split squad" with half of their team still in Arizona, I understand, and it's still spring training, so there's not much you can read into the result. Still, the ballpark looks nice and they're certain to keep it that way as they build up to this year's All Star Game, so it's a good time to take in a game or two if you can get tickets.

I picked up information from Giants Group Sales, but I don't think we'll manage to get the 25-seat minimum necessary for a group purchase for the proposed Baseball outing on the night before Westercon. Still, if you haven't written to me about it before but are interested in attending, write to me and I'll put you on the interest list.

We now return you to your regularly-schedule Hugo Award ruckus.
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