Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Chasing Luggage at O'Hare

The bad news was that I didn't make that earlier flight. The good news was that I did get a seat assignment on my regular flight. The better news was that my flight arrived 30 minutes early. The worse news was that my luggage did not. It had stayed on the earlier flight for which I was standing by. No problem, you might think, except that the "earlier" flight was more than five hours delayed and ended up leaving after my flight. Cheryl was waiting for me at American baggage claim, and when I'd sorted out where my luggage was, we headed off to Naperville to check into the hotel, buy some groceries, and have dinner. Then we turned around and drove back to O'Hare because otherwise I wouldn't have had my bag until mid-day Tuesday.

Yeah, it's only Midnight Pacific time, but I'm wiped out. I think I'll be a little late into the office this morning.

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