Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Go Sharks!

[No Sharks icons in the library, I'm afraid.]

The bandwidth in the hotel room isn't up to streaming video, but was able to handle audio, so I got to listen to the San Jose Sharks - Nashville Predators opening game of the Stanley Cup NHL hockey playoffs this evening. (I had to borrow Cheryl's computer, as mine suddenly decided there was no wireless connection anymore. I think the wireless card may be giving out on me.)

The Sharks gave up a big lead and ended up letting Nashville tie it up with only seconds left in the game and send it to overtime, but after an inconclusive first OT period, won the game in the second OT. Hooray for the Sharks!

Hooray for the NHL, too, for offering the audio feed for free, in contrast to the streaming audio deal over on, where you have to buy the whole season if you want to listen to even one game, except that games in your home market are blacked out. I might buy a few games while I'm here in Chicago if they weren't too expensive, but why should I pay for a service that I'm unlikely to be able to access (or need) for the rest of the season. Unlike some of my co-workers, who are so recognized by the staff over at the Wyndham that the manager greets them by name and gives them comp suite upgrades, I don't travel enough to justify it.

(And yes, I know I'll be in Japan for much of September, but I don't see myself hunting around for an internet connection at odd hours in order to listen to Giants baseball games. Besides, if they keep playing like this first week of the season, I don't know if I'll want to listen to the games anyway.)
Tags: hockey

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