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I had to go to work this morning, but I told Lisa she could stay until noon check-out time if she wanted to do so. (Me, I would have gone back to sleep for a couple of hours if given that opportunity.) She decided to go ahead and pack out anyway. She won't be leaving until mid-day (why fight commute-hour traffic if you don't have to do so?), so she's got some shopping to do that will occupy her time.

As we were packing things out to the vehicles, we did observe that our room was in fact oversize compared to the standard rooms. It juts out from the main wall a few extra feet. So it's not actually a suite, but it has extra room in it. I think we could hold a decent room party in a room like that -- in fact it might be better than the smaller Executive Suites, because it has "wasted" space than in a suite would have extra partitions and other clutter. For a room party, we'd fill that space with some chairs from a meeting room and a table from which we could serve food.

Although I couldn't test the video (not having any of the cables), I was able to test that I could plug the audio from my computer into the panel adjacent to the desk and play it through the plasma TV. It takes the set a few seconds to determine that there is an auxiliary input there, but then it plays, so I guess it will probably work for a video input, either RCA composite or S-video. I did also see that plugging the audio directly into the TV's input jacks does not work, so they've apparently come up with some tricky solution that requires going through their system.

The work desk in the room was attached at one end to a bookshelf/drawer/AV/internet connection center. The drawer was actually an in-room safe. (You type a four-digit code of your own choosing to lock and unlock it.) One interesting feature of the safe was that it had power outlets in it. It looks like you could lock your laptop, MP3 player, mobile phone, or other portable device in the safe while recharging it.

The desk pivots on the connection, so you can swing it out from the wall, which makes it more usable for two people, which was convenient for Lisa and me to play Australian Rails last night after our sojourn in the hot tub. Me, I thought about how the table would swing around form the sales area at a room party.

Meanwhile, I have real work to do in the office, so I'd better get to it.
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