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I Couldn't Resist

I'm currently working on an inventory analysis where I take the customer's total demand by stock-keeping unit number (known as a SKU) and compare it to the customer's observed inventory on a given date. From this, we calculate the number of inventory "turns" per period. (For example, if you keep 10 units on hand and sell 120 units per year of a given product, your "turn rate" is 120/10 = 12.) Generally speaking, the higher your turn rate, the better, because it means you're not tying up so much of your capital in inventory.

Anyway, as is common in such analysis, there are some outliers with absurdly low or high turn rates. I sent them off to our person on the scene at the customer's operations and asked him to verify the underlying data.

The subject line on the message? "The Turn of the SKU"

I wonder if anyone reading it will get the pun.

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