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Quick Trip to Marin

Well, that wasn't too bad at all. A mile-long pocket of slow before I-238 in Hayward, another slow pocket at Ashby after merging from 880 to 80/580 (and getting a glimpse of the missing link ramps), and another, longer backup getting from 580 onto US-101. Overall, 50 miles in about 75 minutes is pretty good for the Bay Area.

It's been a while since I stayed at an Embassy Suites -- the last time was probably the Chicago SMOFCon, where I decided that was probably the best physical setup for a SMOFCon we've ever had. It's the usual set-up of a bedroom and living room, and it's very comfortable. Cheryl is relaxing a bit reading while I try to get a bit more work done before we get ready to head over the concert. The concert hall is about eight miles or so from here, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get there. But we do need to get me a little snack to eat before we go there, since I forgot to bring my fruits and nuts. (Oh, the joys of trying to keep one's diabetes under control through diet and exercise.)

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