Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Al Stewart in Church

The Al Stewart concert Cheryl and I attended was part of a series entitled "Stained Glass and Six Strings," a series of acoustic guitar concerts. It was held in St. John's Episcopal Church in Ross, and a beautiful building it was inside.

Opening for Al and performing with him, as at the Freight & Salvage concert we attended a few months ago, was Dave Nachmanoff. Alas, not wanting to use the flash on my camera, I was limited to the low-light settings while they performed, which meant most of my photos were blurry.

After the concert, Al signed autographs and there were CDs and DVDs available for sale. I got someone to take a picture of Cheryl, Al, and me, but Cheryl saw how she looked in the photo and insisted I crop her out before posting it here.

Al autographed a couple of DVDs I'd just bought, and we very briefly chatted with him. I mentioned that I'd always thought "Night Train to Munich" (which he performed that evening, to my delight) would make a fun music video.

After a late dinner at Denny's -- our choices being limited because it was after 10 PM -- we headed back to the hotel, where we tried to feed the Super 14 rugby match to one of the TV sets in the room. Unfortunately, while one set has the necessary input jacks, it doesn't have the TV/video switch on the set itself, and the hotel-supplied remote doesn't include the button, so we're forced to watch the match off Cheryl's computer directly.
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