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Captain on Deck

One advantage to a costume such as my WSFS uniform is that it is sturdy and wearable; it's pretty much as comfortable as my day-to-day work wear, aside from the hat, which is a bit warm. So I can wear it all day without discomfort, as I am doing today as I wore it to work. A few of my co-workers are in the spirit as well, including one of the administrative assistants upstairs who has a wonderfully cute cat outfit and who wanted her picture taken with me when I stopped by to show off.

I even got out for my customary post-lunch stroll to the shopping center up the road and back. (I made an excuse to go into the store -- I was looking for a brand of crackers I can't find at stores near my home, and indeed did find them there.) I have worn costumes with shoes that are so hard on the feet that I could barely get back and forth from my car to my desk, let alone go for a 3 km walk.
Tags: halloween
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