Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Music! Sound! Worries!

This evening, on the way home from work, I bought 500 blank 5 x 8 index cards, which we use for the panelist responses and for the question cards. Now I need to find the time to print them. It takes a long time to run 300 or so cards through the printer.

I still haven't typed up all of the questions I've received and made up the question cards, either. That's a fairly painstaking process, as you have to print the cards double-sided and one at a time through the manual feed on the laser printer. I haven't tried doing it on the inkjet at home yet, although I may give it a try.

Last night, Cheryl let me use her computer with the sound-editing software to work on the various bits of sound effects and music for Match Game SF. Now, I had the music already, but it was on cassette tape, and the BayCon tech crew want it on Audio CD, preferably with nothing else on the CD. bovil had also obtained for me various bits of MG music both as MP3 and CD audio. However, the opening title is a particular edit of the opening theme that has just the right number of "whomps" so that announcer ericlarson can read the introduction and then lead in to "Match Game S F!" just as the music comes up to the right spot. I had edited that years ago, but lost the WAV file, so instead Cheryl hooked the boom box to the computer and we played the cassette with that music into the computer.

I then opened up what was labeled "key" music but was really a short section of the "think" music, and edited it together so that it runs just over ten minutes and repeats the "think" music over and over again (cycling through one of three keys about once every twenty seconds or so). I reckon we'll never have the panel take ten minutes to work out their responses, so the audio operator simply has to play that track every time we go to the "think." I hope the audio person figures out that s/he should be fading the sound out, not just stopping it. Unfortunately, we're not going to have any time to do tech rehearsal!

Net result: CD 1 has the Opening Title and "Plug" music as the only tracks. CD 2 has only one track on it: The "think" music.

So, then, on to the FX. I found more or less good buzzer and bell sound effects, but they weren't long enough, and cut off in mid-effect. So after a great deal of trial and error, I managed to edit each one so it's slightly longer and trails off properly.

I found a program called FlexMusic Orchestra that allows me to set various keys of the computer to run certain sounds. I've set it up so that the left CTRL key runs the bell and the right CTRL the buzzer. I'll also label those buttons appropriately later. Now we only need to be able to get the sound out of the computer and into BayCon's sound board. Reckon I'd better bring all of the cables I can think of bringing and hope for the best. yourbob has agreed the man the FX board, which makes him de facto judge of whether something is a match or not. Congrats on the "promotion" from production assistant to associate producer, Bob!

That reminds me that we could certainly use a couple of production assistants for such things as dealing with getting the contestants their prizes and feeding me new sets of questions between games. Write to me if you're interested.

If I sound nervous about this show, I am. It's the biggest one we've done yet, and has the least amount of preparation time we'll ever have, and Lisa won't do the tech because it's all being done by BayCon's people. There are so many things that could go wrong, it isn't funny at all. But it's my job to worry about these things now -- that's the "producer" hat. My "host" persona just has to grin and improvise on the spot.
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