Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Domestic Days

With BayCon next weekend and a trip to Oregon for the Sea-Pac Ham Radio convention the following weekend, today in particular was a day to get some domestic shopping done. I didn't go to the Westercon meeting, because my main pre-con work is done with the PR complete. (I still have an at-con job as Business Meeting Secretary.) Cheryl and I went down to Valley Fair Mall because there were several stores there with things one or the other of us wanted and that can't be had in the East Bay, like the Lush store. After that, on a whim, we went to Santana Row for the first time, but found little to interest us we can't get closer to home. Well, actually, there were some interesting things, but nothing in our price range.

We stopped for lunch at Wazoo's Fish Tacos. I ordered a simple burrito. Despite my asking them not to put a bunch of vegetables into my burrito, they filled it up with lettuce and other things I didn't want to eat. To paraphrase the Red Stripe ad that was on the table, Boo on people who put lots of stuff in their food without telling you about it and Hooray for burrito places that make the food in front of you so you can see what's going into your meal.

Heading back to Fremont, we did a little grocery shopping and then went home to watch the Giants-As game. The less said about that, the better. *sigh*

After dinner, we watched the Super 14 rugby final that Cheryl had downloaded earlier today, and congratulations to thirdworld for a South African team winning the trophy (which isn't a spoiler because both of the finalists were from SA). I do admit to wishing the other team had won because I had a great LJ headline I could have used to confuse people here.

Tomorrow, we plan to go over to the BayCon meeting and arrive an hour or two after its scheduled start so we should (I hope) have an opportunity to talk to the tech team and anyone else (like whoever is doing front-of-house management for the Masquerade to arrange for reserved seating for the panelists and contestants). And if they're able to confirm a particular technical point, I may be able to reveal something I've been having to keep under my hat and itching to write about, too.
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