Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

They're Out to Get Us, I Tell You!

Next weekend, BayCon will be held in the San Mateo Marriott, its first new hotel since its founding 25 years ago. Some people, including me, expect that there will be fans turning up at the San Jose Doubletree (formerly the Red Lion), the convention's original venue, because they will have not got the word of the convention having moved. If they do, they'll discover that the convention has been replaced by ConspiracyCon, and perhaps some people will walk away convinced that it was indeed a conspiracy to kill BayCon or something like that.

Thanks to Raven O'Neill (who, alas, will not adding color to BayCon this year as she won't be in the Bay Area) for pointing this out to me.
Tags: baycon
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