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Event Congestion

Saturday night in the main ballroom at BayCon is a very busy place. The apparent schedule is, starting from 8 PM:

"Ashes of the Phoenix"
Children's Masquerade Results*
Match Game SF
Main Masquerade Results
Match Game SF

Now, we're primed to play four games of MGSF, but the Dance organizers were, I think, originally expecting that the Dance would start immediately after the Main Masquerade Results were announced. So the word from the head of Programming is that we'll play at least three games of MGSF, or four if time permits.

I do hope things start on time. There's no way we'll be able to get everything done if we don't start on time.

*(Stage change happens while results are being announced, in the same way that we did a stage change for Ready, Steady, Sew! at Interaction)
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