Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Filling In The _____s

I think I've completed everthing. That is, I've checked everything off of my preparation lists. That assumes I've remembered everything when I wrote those lists. Oh, well, with any luck, the things I've forgotten are minor.

One thing that I'd sort of wanted to do here at BayCon but for which I don't think I'm going to have time is to prepare an Audience Survey for people to fill out so that we could use the results as the basis for doing the Super Match in future shows. We don't do the Super Match (where contestants have to guess how a survey group filled in a blank) but instead jump straight to the Panelist Match (which we've rigged so that no panelist every gets selected more than once), but that's mainly because we don't have the source material and have never conducted the necessary survey.

This lack of source material, by the way, is why we don't do Fannish Feud either, although I'd enjoy performing it.

I've told folks who have asked me why we don't do any other game shows, "You write 'em and produce 'em, I'll perform 'em." One of the reasons we do Match Game is that it's relatively simple to produce. While we keep adding bells and buzzers (in this year's case, literally) to the show, in its simplest, stripped down form, it's not very complicated. Writing questions is the hardest part of the whole show, I think.

I'm not moving in to the hotel until tomorrow, as I'll be working a half-day or so in my office in San Mateo, then heading down the hill to the Marriott before (I hope) 1 PM.
Tags: baycon, match game

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