Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

BayCon -- Friday Afternoon

Although the internet here at the hotel is supposed to be free, it still showed me a screen asking for a service charge. I called down to the front desk, where they explained that I had to accept the charge and that they would reverse it at check-out. Maybe it says that in some of the convention materials, and I just haven't noticed it yet. I wonder how many other people will see that "9.95/day or 39.95/week" screen and say, "Never mind."

I got down to BayCon just before 1 PM, where an aggrieved Lisa met me complaining that they didn't have her guest-of-guest membership. Well, I suppose I might have forgotten to fill in the correct field in my participant questionnaire, but that's unusual. We went to Program Ops, collected my badge, and prepared paperwork so that Lisa could get a badge later. Then we walked over to Fresh Choice. I begrudged the time, but needed the walk (it's about a mile away).

Returning to the hotel by way of the Rite-Aid and Trader Joe's (we bought some milk and juice, which we stowed in the electric ice chest Lisa brought with her), we then checked back with Program Ops, who had by then processed her badge. Then it was time to locate and set up our fan table. Carole Parker, staffing the Costume-Con desk next to us, took our picture.

We actually have sold two of the ten Anticipation tote bags. We may end up selling a few pre-supporting memberships and Bon Amis (friends of the bid) this weekend after all.

Lisa watched the table while I went around posting Match Game flyers. The problem I'm having is that there is just too much stuff I have to lug around on my person as I run across people, as they won't come to me at the table. This overloading of my briefcase would come back to bite me.

Just after 5 PM, we had to clear out, and I mean completely, because BayCon is so tight for space that the prefunction space we're in (the ballroom lobby) has to have the six-foot tables removed and re-set for the Meet the Guests reception later this evening. Still, this meant we had to "strike the set" and not hang around excessively, which is good as I needed to get some water and a small snack -- something I hadn't realized until we made it back to the room.

Getting back to the room was delayed by an equipment malfunction. As we were walking down a hallway, I felt my briefcase shift, and, before I could stop what I knew was about to happen, the zippers, overstressed by the load of material on board, unzipped themselves, spreading a briefcase full of Stuff all over the hallway. Fortunately, this was not one of the busy downstairs hallways, so we didn't cause anyone a nuisance but myself.

This evening, we may change into our WSFS uniforms and hit the Casino Night; we haven't quite decided yet. This is sort of the calm before the storm tomorrow.
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